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Waste Tracking 2015

UC Merced is committed to achieving zero net waste by 2020.  We closely monitor our waste stream in order to track our progress.  This data includes recycling, compost and landfill data from BigBelly Solar Compactors, Kolligian Library, Classroom and Office Building (COB), Academic Office Annex (AOA), Science and Engineering 1&2 (SE1 & SE2), Student Services Building (SSB), Facilities A & B,  and Social Sciences and Management (SSM).  Recycling is collected from Recreation and Athletics, as well as some of their landfill waste.  Yard waste is collected from our grounds team.

Upper Campus Diversion 2015: 81%

*Diversion represents the amount of waste that is being removed from landfill. Zero waste is considered anything above 95% diversion. The higher our diversion percentage, the better.

In 2015, upper campus produced:

  • 107.34 tons of recyclable material.
  • 110.1 tons of yard waste (tree branches, grass clippings, etc.)
  • 84.51 tons of food waste.
  • 69.71 tons of landfill materials.