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What is recycling?

  • Recycling is a process to change used products into new products. Recycling prevents waste and preserves resources.

What do we recycle at UC Merced?

  • Almost everything! Click the links below or select a section from the drop down menu above.

Items with blue icons can go in regular bins, such as:


Items with orange icons require special pick up, such as:


Do you have an odd or unusal item? Have more than will fit in the bin? Questions? Please contact us!

Think you know what to recycle on campus? Take the quiz and check out our video to see if you're right!

Where can we recycle?

  • Lantern: Blue section of the round tri-bins with the recycle symbol
  • Dining Commons: Tray conveyors and additional bins
  • COB: Four-compartment-bins at the end of the hallways on each floor
  • Outside: Blue recycle bins are all along the hill, as well as in the parking lots
  • Housing: Various locations

What can we recycle at home?

  • The city of Merced can only take a few types of recycleable items: clean paper, cardboard, glass, magazines, newspaper, CRV bottles, plastic bottes and metal cans. See a detailed list or visit the city of Merced recycling website.

Download and print our recycling sign

Need a custom sign? Please contact us!