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Zero Waste Events

The 2016 Kick-Off Breakfast was the first official Zero Waste Event this year. It was a huge accomplishment, since 99% of waste generated was diverted from the landfill! The event was hosted by Vice Chancellor Michael Reese on January 14. Over one hundred attendees from Business and Administrative Services came to eat breakfast and to hear about UC Merced’s future goals. This event demonstrated the university’s commitment to achieve Zero Waste by 2020 as part of the Triple Zero Commitment.

UC Merced Recycling worked during the event, educating attendees on what goes into compost, recycle, and landfill.

Are you hosting a special event on campus?  Want to make sure there's zero waste?  Email us at and we can help you lower your carbon footprint and create a cleaner environment.

Green Event Seal

If you would like to earn a "Green Event Seal" for your upcoming zero waste event, please follow the instructions on the UCM Green Event Seal Certification Guide link below.