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Earth Day 2014

Earth Day Celebration 2014

April 22nd, 2014

UC Merced's 3rd annual Earth Day was a huge success!  We even made it to the front page of the Merced Sun-Star!


Click here or on the photo to read the article.

Off campus vendors, clubs and campus departments all teamed up to help educate the campus population about a sustainable lifestyle and on campus sustainability.  Here are a few highlights!


Rancho Piccolo Organic Farm brough some of their produce and signed up students and staff for their Farm Box Subscription.

We were able to make the food portion of Earth Day Zero Waste with the help of J&R Tacos! Tacos were served on compostable plates and condiments were served out of reusable containers.

UC Merced manages its small pests with falcons!  George Peña is our resident flaconer.

Of course, we had our sustainability themed carnival games to keep it fun!  Operation E-Waste is very popular among pre-med students.


Thanks to everyone who participated!

Engineers for a Sustainable World
Falconer George Peña
Sierra Club/ Merced Farm
UC Merced Surplus
Wilderness Education Center, Yosemite Leadership Program
Earth System Science Major Program
J&R Tacos
Rufus Recycles/Athletics
Rancho Piccilo Organic Farm
Energy Service Corps
OZZI container

Payroll Services
PowerSave Green Campus
ASUCM Sustainability Council
Spring of Sustainability
Mercedians Against Fracking
Merced Irrigation District
Modesto Compost
City of Merced, Public Works
City of Merced, Water Conservation