Office Composting

Office Composting

In order to be a Zero Waste campus, we need everyone's help! UC Merced's Triple Net Zero goal can only be fulfilled caring staff and students.

Why are we doing this?

So What's the Plan?

Convenient Office Waste Stations

There are three bins: recycle, compost and landfill.  Please look at the pictures and place your items in the correct bin.

Inside Your Office

Every office will be equipped with a NEW kind of waste recepticle like this:

The large, blue portion is for all recycling. Check out our Recycling page to make sure you recycle as much as possible -- there's more than you think!

The small, black portion is for all landfill items. Our goal is to make landfill waste as minimal as possible! 

Compostable items (i.e. anything that was alive) should be taken directly to the office waste stations.

Please note: The in-office recepticles will be bagless! This has a siginificant effect on how much waste is generated. Custodians will no longer service individual offices, so individual staff members will need to take their waste to their office waste stations.

After the Office

The material is transferred to our recycling center and sorted by students. Using this new process, we are able to analyze the amount of waste generated and better strategize for maximum waste reduction.