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Diversion is a term used to express the amount of waste that is prevented from entering the landfill. This rate is the amount of recyclable and compostable material added up and then divided by the total amount of waste on campus. What we are left with is the amount of waste that is being diverted from landfills. The higher our diversion rate, the better we are doing.

Check out our Reduce and Reuse pages for more details on UC Merced's reduction initiatives. 

Upper Campus Diversion Rate

Diversion for Upper Campus in 2014: 66%

Diversion for Upper Campus in 2015: 80%

Diversion for Upper Campus in 2016: 83%

Current Diversion Rate for Upper Campus in 2017: 80%

Zero Waste

Zero Waste means that the campus has a diversion rate of 95%-100%.  UC Merced, along with the other University of California campuses, has made a commitment to be Zero Net Waste by 2020.  The details can be found in our Waste Diversion Plan.