Merced Resource Efficiency Fair

UC Merced Recycling tabled at the fair to educate citizens of Merced about local and UC recycling practices.
UC Merced Recycle worked with campus Facilities at the Mercy Medical Gala last fall.

Staff vs. Staff Recycling Competition

Various groups on campus entered a competition to see who could get the lowest stream of waste and the most recycling.
Staff vs. Staff Recycling Competition

Custom Bike Trailer

Almost anything can be reused. This old aluminum ladder was repurposed into a bike trailer to help move medium-sized loads efficiently across campus.
Custom UC Merced bike with trailer from ladder

Fresh new pick!

100 percent compostable cups available in the dining commons! Be sure to put them on the tray conveyor or in the compost bin in the Lantern.
Compostable cups

Zero Waste Grad Event

We received our best diversion numbers yet! Only 4.8 pounds of trash for an event that served 320 people.

Compressing Styrofoam saves lots of space!

The Psychology of Recycling

What prompts someone to recycle? How can we encourage people to change their recycling habits? Do posted signs matter? We conducted a short experiment to see what might affect recycling rates. Click here for more info and live footage!

Think you know what to recycle on campus?

Coffee cups? Styrofoam? Cardboard? Test your skills and take the video quiz!  

Waste Diversion Plan

UC Merced has made a Triple Net Zero commitment to use zero net energy, produce zero net landfill waste and produce zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. This ambitious goal requires interdepartmental and campuswide education and participation. As UC Merced's Waste Reduction and Recycling department, we focus on achieving zero net landfill waste. The Waste Diversion Plan outlines how we will exceed expectations for this objective.